The Council

Kesha T. Drakeford, Co-Chairperson & Susan Butterfield, Co-Chairperson

P.C. Association of School Administrators (PCASA)
Dr. Richard Spirito, President, Hawthorne School District
Tracey Marinelli, Vice-President, Little Falls School District

P.C. Association of School Business Officials (PCASBO)
Jessica Rapp, President, Lakeland Regional High School
Paul Murphy, Vice-President, Woodland Park School District

P.C. Association of Special Services Administrators (PCASSA)
Dr. Dana Sir, President, Wayne School District
Heather Rotolo, Vice-President, Clifton School District

P.C. Coaches’ Association (PCCO)
Colleen Moyle, President, Pompton Lakes High School
Tim Gillen, Vice-President, West Milford School District

P.C. Curriculum Consortium (PC3)
Daniel Novak, President, West Milford School District
Dr. Jayne Tanis, Vice-President, Pompton Lakes School District

P.C. Association Directors of Guidance (PCDOG)
Ines Drummond, President, Passaic County Technical Institute
Tamisha McKoy, Vice-President, Paterson School District

P.C. Education Associations (PCEA)
Susan Butterfield, President, Passaic School District
Todd Pipkin, Vice-President, Paterson School District

P.C. School Boards’ Association (PCSBA)
Charles Caraballo, President, Bloomingdale Board of Education
Maryann Capursi, Vice-President/Secretary, Passaic Board of Education

P.C. School Counselors’ Association (PCSCA)
Dana Lambert, President, West Milford High School
Melissa Csengeto, Membership Coordinator, West Milford High School
Caitlin McGee, Treasurer, Paterson School District

New Jersey School Boards’ Association (NJSBA)
Kelly Mitchell, Field Service Representative
Robert Acerra, County Activities Coordinator